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Lockdown extension, Prepare For CMA Inter Group 2

Lockdown extension

ICMAI has postponed all their exams – Foundations, Intermediate, and Final due to the Covid19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown situations in the country. The exams which were earlier scheduled to be held from June 11 to 18, 2020 have now been postponed to the month of July.

Great Opportunity to Prepare For the Exams

In this article, I’m going to discuss how you can prepare for Cma Inter exams in this lockdown extension. Almost every student would have prepared for the exams and certain student might be upset with the postpone of the examinations but I’m going to talk about those who are either prepared for a single group or those who hasn’t even yet started and confused with how they can prepare for the examination in this lockdown.

Seeing the present scenario, we can conclude that this Corona outbreak is not going to stop soon and due to this we must not stop our preparations also. See this as a great opportunity if you were preparing for a single group, or not even started for one. So if you were preparing for a single group then you can start for the 2nd group also, and if you haven’t started yet, start with group 2.

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Group 2 of Cma Inter exams is comparatively easy with group 1. there are 4 papers with 7 different subjects i.e. Cost+FM, IDT, OM+SM, and Company Accounts+ Audit. One can easily start preparing for group 2 and can complete it in 2 months. For this you can use a (3+3)+1 technique. This is a self-examined technique where you need to study for 3 papers plus 1 paper in on alternate days. So you can start with Cost+OM+Company Accounts+ IDT in a single day and on alternate days you can go for FM+SM+Audit+IDT. Since IDT alone is for 100 marks paper, you need to take extra care for this and study almost every day. In this way you will be ready for all the papers at within time.

Many tutors are providing extra classes for CMA Inter exams at very low fees. SJC Satish Sir is one of them, he is providing financial help for the students who were not able to study in this outbreak. You can take his classes for Cost, FM, OM, SM, IDT, and Audit. Many teachers are also providing their classes on youtube for free. You can clear your doubts from there also. CMA Junction is one of the platforms where you can study for free. CMA Junctions provide all the subjects in a very systematic manner which can be easily understood. they provide every subject with a full course in its playlist.

So in this way you can prepare for group 2 in this corona outbreak and take this as an opportunity…