There is a plethora of fake news chasing the information about the novel coronavirus. A number of myths has been circulated through Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media that misleads a large mass. No vaccine has been developed till date that can cure coronavirus. Most of the myths and fake news are about coronavirus symptoms, coronavirus vaccine, and also home-made remedies.


Myth: Hydroxychloroquine can cure coronavirus disease or COVID 19

Fact: No drug has been developed that can cure coronavirus disease. Hydroxychloroquine is a medicine that is useful in malaria disease and it has very little impact on the patient of coronavirus who is at the initial stage of the disease.

Myth: Coronavirus Vaccine has been discovered

Fact: No reports have been verified so far about manufacturing the vaccine for COVID 19. Though Israel has announced that it has found the cure for coronavirus but it hasn’t been confirmed yet by the international agencies like WHO.

Myth: If you add pepper to your soup or meal then you can prevent or cure coronavirus

Fact: Peppers in food are very tasty but unfortunately they CANNOT prevent coronavirus disease. Social distancing and good hygiene is the only way to stay away from COVID 19 or coronavirus

Myth: Insects/houseflies will aid the spread of coronavirus

Fact: There is no evidence yet which can prove that coronavirus can spread from houseflies. COVID 19 can catch you if you touch any contaminated surface or you come into contact with an infected person. It has been suggested that to prevent the spread of coronavirus a minimum distance of 1 meter shall be maintained.

Myth: Spreading bleaching powder or any other disinfectants on your body will protect you against coronavirus

Fact: Do not spread any disinfectants or bleach to your body because it may be poisonous and can cause irritation and damage to the skin and eyes. Disinfectants shall be used only for surfaces and not body.

Myth: Exposure to the sun or to the temperature higher than 25 Degree-C cures coronavirus

Fact: Coronavirus can catch you anywhere anytime, no matter how warm the sunny or hot weather it is.

Myth: Coronavirus cannot catch you once you are recovered from it

Fact: There have been a lot of reports in which recovered people got infected again with coronavirus. So this is not at all necessary that if you are recovered from coronavirus then you cannot be infected again.

Myth: If you can hold your breath for 20-30 seconds then you are not infected.

Fact: Fever, dry cough, and tiredness are some most common symptoms of coronavirus disease. It is not at all logical that if you can hold your breath then you are not infected.

Myth: Alcohol prevent you from coronavirus

Fact: Alcohol can never protect you from coronavirus or any other disease. As a matter of fact, consuming alcohol will weaken your immunity and you will not be able to recover quickly.

Myth: Coronavirus can be transmitted through mosquito bites

Fact: There are no reports that can validate the spread of coronavirus through mosquitoes.

Myth: Taking a bath with hot water can kill coronavirus

Fact: Hot water bath cannot kill coronavirus but it can burn your skin for sure. So stay away from fake claims and maintain good hygiene.


  • Maintain social distancing as much as you can
  • Avoid public gatherings
  • Stay home until it is necessary to go outside
  • Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter
  • Always use good quality masks
  • Wash your hands at regular intervals
  • Drink ample of water
  • Take healthy and nutritious diet
  • Do not consume alcohol or any other intoxicants
  • Use alcohol-based sanitizers regularly
  • Follow the administrative guidelines